Monday, January 2, 2012

New Beginnings

One of my New Year resolutions this year was to start a blog, so here is my first attempt. :) Though I read several wonderful (and insanely creative!) blogs, I tend to be more of a “stalker” than an involved follower.  I just never know what to say.  I was a late facebooker…and just barely got  atwitter account (I still don’t really know what to do with it).

A little info about me: I am a stay at home mom of three awesome kids, the monster, age 9, the monkette, age 7, and the monkey, age 6.  My honey and I have been married about a decade and in those years have been through a lot. We’ve survived: undergrad and grad school (him, not me), the birth of all three kids during those school years, 7 moves, various ER visits and the loss of close family members.

In February 2009 I began writing my first novel.  It took me eighteen months and four moves to finish it.  During the spring of 2011 I was thrilled to find a publisher.

I’m now on the last round of edits before it heads to layout and design.  My story has gone through a lot of changes and I love it more now than when I started.  We finally have a title, Donegal Sidhe: Army of Sorrow.  Thanks to an amazing editor who brainstormed with me a lot to figure that out!