Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Too Much Multitasking

You know, I’ve always wondered if I suffer from undiagnosed ADD.  I have a hard time concentrating if I’m not doing at least 2-3 things at a time, I have a million unfinished projects (which my very patient husband will attest to!) and I have a tendency to get no housework done despite working on it all day since I can’t stay with one thing till it’s done.  I’ve been assured that this isn’t ADD but MOTHERHOOD.

Well, whatever it is, I can now list another symptom: writing 10 books at once!  Okay maybe not quite that many but I’m really bad about coming up with new ideas that I just HAVE to work on right now.  At one point I was actively working on three different books.  I finally had to make myself pick one and finish it (which I have, thank heavens!).  I’ve got three more (different ones!) that are screaming for my attention, not to mention I’ve made the decision to go back to school, have several home projects I’m trying to do and have recently committed to being an officer in the local PTO. 

You would think that with all this my brain would accept that it has enough to do, but no, now I’ve got another idea kicking around in there!  This really should be comforting because I was terrified after I wrote my first book I would be out of ideas, however I don’t have the ability to write six novels at one time (as awesome as that would be!).  I guess I will just prioritize which ideas I should work on and file away the ones I can’t right now, making sure to write them down because I’ve forgotten way too many by not!

So I got a letter from my publisher telling me I’ve been sent on to the marketing department and have been on pins and needles waiting to hear from them.  I have the option of getting different marketing products and would love what your opinions are!  Which do you think is better: bookmarks, business cards, or “pass along” cards?  I also can get posters and t-shirts which I’m getting for sure!


  1. I would get book marks before business cards. I'm not sure what pass along cards are????

  2. Bookmarks. You can pass them along to libraries at middle and high schools to target your audience.

  3. I'll buy one of your t-shirts! Bookmarks have my vote. Posters are nice, too. I have no idea what a pass along card is. I imagine readers using the bookmarks and posters for sure.