Sunday, July 1, 2012

Exciting News!

First of all, only two weeks left till Army of Sorrow is officially released!  Second of all, a very close friend and I have started a new blog called The Novel Nibblers.  We have seen a distinct lack of information when it comes to book content.  How do you make an informed choice?  So, we decided to start our own book rating system (similar to how a movie is rated).

It is not our intention to judge the book or put our own opinions about it up.  We simply want to help others make informed choices about what they want to read.

So come check The Novel Nibblers!


  1. Hi Gail, I just entered the giveaway for your book on Goodreads. I think it sounds very interesting and new. I love anything to do with Celtic lore and I think there need to be more fairy books out there :) Good luck on your first book!!

    slainte, Hazel