Tuesday, July 24, 2012

It's Official!

My book officially released last Tuesday!  I feel silly posting about it now but unfortunately last week was my final for the class I took this summer and it completely consumed the week.  Thankfully I am now done and can focus my attentions to the million other things I need to do.

Last month I attended a writer's conference with my friend Amanda (who is the co-creator of The Novel Nibblers, if you haven't check it out, go now...I'll wait for you to come back.)  Both of us got requests for our manuscripts and have been trying to edit like crazy before we send them in.  On top of that I have to finish Sea of Despair and get that in.

School starts August 14 here and though I feel like summer barely started, at the same time I feel like my monsters have been fighting FOREVER!  I am ready for a little break from the inevitable bickering that occurs when the three of them are in the same space for any length of time.  With only a few weeks left of summer we're trying to shove in all the things we wanted to do: a visit to the local water park, a camping trip,  and a visit from my sister and her kids.

You may wonder why, with all of this other going on, I would even consider more projects.  Me too...when I figure it out, I will let you know! :)  I recently decided to make some back to school clothes for the kids and have been pulling out fabric and patterns.  I really am nuts.  However I haven't sewn in quite a while and am beginning to miss it.  I will post photos as soon as I get something done...which means it may never happen if you look at my previous track record.  I have a very bad habit of never quite finishing sewing projects, but hopefully I will this time.

One more thing: my first official book signing is this Saturday 1-3 pm at Andrea Kristina's Bookstore and Cafe in Farmington, NM.  Please, please come and bring your friends!  I have been having nightmares of me sitting there with nothing but crickets chirping.  :)  I will have tshirts, paperbacks and hardbacks available at special pricing!  Hope to see you there!


  1. I was wondering if you could share your blog to facebook each time you add to it because I never know when to check it. Good luck at the book signing on Saturday. I wish I could be there!

    1. Definitely! I usually do but today was just a bit crazy...I'm sure you NEVER have days like that! :)