Thursday, July 12, 2012

Jumping the Gun Just a Little

I know my book isn't even officially released yet but I've been thinking who would I cast if it ever got made into a movie.  Oh come on!  We all do it!  Every book you read, you get a very specific idea of what the characters look like.  Of course, if the book does get made into a movie (*ahem* Twilight) everyone is upset with the actor choices.

Now sometimes the actor does so well no one really cares they don't look just like them because they are them, but sometimes the actor doesn't and everyone is still upset! :)

The point of this is that I've begun a board on Pinterest for my vision of Army of Sorrow.  If you've read my book I would be EXTREMELY interested in who you think should play who.  I have yet to find an appropriate Abiageal so if you have suggestions for her please let me know!