Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Personal Rant

Since my friend Amanda and I started The Novel Nibblers, I have started reading a lot, again.  This is awesome since my reading time had really started to shrink with all the writing and other things I do (college, PTO, know, life).  I decided to start with the free/cheap books on Amazon.  I downloaded a TON of them and started reading.

Can I just say that I'm appalled at the quality of self published eBooks?  I know not all of them are so shockingly bad, but still, how hard is it to look for simple grammatical and spelling errors, and, you know, get somebody to critique it.  I have found some books that not only change points of view in a chapter, or even paragraph but in the same sentence!  Talk about confusing!

I'm aware that I'm ranting about my own profession here, but I was a reader long before I was an author!  It just seems to me that there is a glut of people who finish a book and then stick it on Amazon for the whole world to see without editing it.  Who knows, maybe I just have crummy luck and got a bunch of bad ones in a row.

What's your opinion?  Agree, disagree?  Leave me a comment and let me know!

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