Wednesday, August 22, 2012

30 Before 30

So this is my last year as a 20-something and I decided to make it count.  I've seen a couple of other blogs that have done the 30 before 30 but just in case you aren't familiar with it: you make a list of 30 things you want to do before you turn 30.  Seems simple enough...until you start typing it out.

It's a fine line of not making it an everyday to-do list (paint my bedroom, actually finish a sewing project, etc) and making it so lofty that there is no way I could do it in a decade let alone a year (visit Ireland, go to the Grand Canyon, have a movie made based on my books).  So without further ado here is my list:

1. Get a house and decorate it the way I want it
2. Have family live nearby
3. Get a third book finished (first draft)
4. Do a book signing
5. Do one thing that scares me to death (did a radio interview...thought I'd have a heart attack)
6. Sew something for myself
7. Get a second book published
8. Have a garden (and not kill it)
9. Learn something new
10. Make a cake entirely from scratch
11. Quit soda
12. Throw a party 
13. Finish a quilt
14. Go to a Writers’ Conference
15. Kick the eating out habit
16. Have an entirely handmade Christmas
17. Paint a picture
18. Go to the Grand Canyon
19. Go camping
20. Get back into the FlyLady habit
21. Visit the cliff dwellings
22. Learn to get my migraines under control
23. Organize a filing system
24. Decorate for each holiday (including themed meal for the day)
25. Learn how to blog and do it (clearly still working on this...but I don't think I'm too bad. Right?)
26. Try one new recipe a month, including marshmallows
27. Go on a picnic each month while it’s warm
28. Find a hat I love and actually wear it
29. Learn to budget
30. Learn to reupholster

I've only crossed off a few and I don't have that much longer to go.  Some of them might be right after 30, like going to the Grand Canyon.  We had planned on going this past Spring Break but plans had to change so we'll go this next one.  

I'm hoping to post some pictures of various ones I've gotten to cross off.  Including my first cake from scratch, which by the way, tasted just kind of fell apart.

So what's your opinion?  Anything you think I should add? 

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