Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Pinterest Rehab...

Hi, my name is Gail and I'm a Pinterest addict.  There it's out in the open.  I don't remember when I joined but I'm pretty sure I was the first of my friends because I had to join the hard way...aka I had to put in a request.  No nice little friend invite me, no I had to wait two whole weeks before I could start pinning.

I have enough recipes pinned that I could make a new one for well over a year and never repeat.  Enough decorating ideas for an entire subdivision.  Enough outfits to fill all the closets in said subdivision.  And enough projects to keep me busy for the next century.

Don't get me wrong.  I love it but sometimes it's overwhelming.  I have this grand vision of what I want my house to look like (my own house...not the crumby rental we're in right now) and what each meal and holiday should entail.  I get a lot of really awesome ideas though...even if I can't use ALL of them.

I have a really awesome friend who agreed to start making things with me.  Since then we've started making something each month.  Last month we tackled one of the pallet projects.  This is what our inspiration looked like:

Never thought about turning this popular tattoo into something artsy...

Looks simple enough, huh?  It was....until we realized we would have to free hand that dandelion.  Fun times.  Anywho....curious how mine turned out?  Ta-da!

Not too shabby in my opinion.  (Please excuse the manky carpet...crumby rental, remember?)  So this friend and I are tackling one of the Halloween wreaths right now.  Hopefully it will turn out as well.

By the way if you want to follow me on Pinterest click here.  So, have you done any Pinterest projects?


  1. Gail, you did an amazing job on the dandelion painting! I love Pinterest too but I am sorry to say that I have never even tried out one of my pins. I love the way you can organize ideas and kind of keep them on file, but I have yet to put them into practice. I'm just too busy with other stuff I guess, but someday I'll make time!

  2. Thanks Carla! You'll have time...after you're all done with school!!