Friday, November 30, 2012

Another Addiction....

I have a confession...not only am I addicted to Pinterest but I LOVE to go garage sale-ing.  Hey, a girl has to get stuff to full that Pinterest addiction, right?

 I have some amazing friends that love to go as well and it's not unusual to see all of us piled into one car way too early on a Saturday when the weather is nice and sometimes when it's not so nice.

  It drives my husband nuts (despite all the wonderful things I've brought home for him)  :)  I tend to see potential in things and he has a hard time and since it sometimes take me a while to finish (or get started on) my vision, he has an even harder time with pieces I've picked up sitting in the garage for months.  Or in our living room for years before I get to them  (sorry about those hideous gold/green chairs, honey.  I swear I thought I could recover them!).

One of my scores this summer was this lovely side table.  Actually I got two of them.  They aren't identical but coordinate which is more of my style anyway.  I really liked the lines but it was dirty and SCRATCHED!!  

I mean look at this table top!  This isn't even the worst of it!  I actually didn't get a picture of the other top which was way worse.  Honestly it looks like something my kids would do to the furniture in their rooms...scratch their names into the paint and then act like someone else did it.  Really?  Who else is going to carve YOUR name on YOUR nightstand?  (can you tell I've had this conversation before?  *sigh*)
Anyway...after MUCH sanding and I do mean A LOT of sanding and multiple coats of stain, not to mention primer and new paint.  This is what I ended up with.  I think it turned out pretty nice.  I love dark wood with white/off white paint.  Unfortunately around here dust is a wayof life.  It's not uncommon to have dust storms and it's impossible to keep dark furniture clean.  Oh well, we all pay a price for beauty, right?  

So what have you been up to lately?  Do you take an enormously long time to get projects done too?

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