Thursday, December 13, 2012

Happy Holi-Craze!

I'm not sure when Christmas quit being quite so fun...probably when I left home and realized exactly how much work goes into it.  Especially when you have kids.  When you are the kid all you see is the tree go up and presents go under...and then you wait and you wait and you wait some more.  It felt like forever from Thanksgiving to Christmas morning.

Now?  I get to the Saturday after Thanksgiving and panic sets in!  Presents to buy and wrap (family, friends, extended family, teachers), cards to send out, food to prepare and that's just the beginning!  I tend to keep things pretty simple too, so I can only imagine how crazy it gets for other families.

I'm pretty much done though: cards out, and presents mailed.  So, hopefully I can just relax and enjoy the rest of the season...oh wait, I forgot stocking stuffers.  Guess it's back out to brave the crowds.  :)

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