Friday, January 11, 2013

50's Murder Mystery

My good friend Amanda (my partner in crime on Novel Nibblers) and I both have early January birthdays so some of our other friends decided to throw us a party!  (yes it's a week late but I was travelling on my bday so we had to wait!)

They decided on a 50's themed murder mystery.  We are all attending our class reunion for the class '57!  So tonight we will be gathering with a group of great friends and having a blast figuring out who the murderer is.  And the best part?

We all get to dress up!  Have I ever mentioned my teeny, tiny obsession with 50's fashion?  Yeah, just add it to the long list of other obsessions.  I made a pink and gray print skirt just for the occasion.  My mom even pulled out her old yearbooks so I could check out authentic hairstyles.

I will try to get a good picture and post it ASAP!

So has anyone ever done one of these things?

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