Monday, January 7, 2013


Anyone else have to rearrange furniture all the time?  I'm not talking just moving the couch to a different wall, I mean switching entire rooms around....yeah I thought it might just be me.  I should probably seek professional help.  I get bored very easily and since I can't get a different house (or even paint right now since we're in a rental) I have to do something to shake things up.

Thankfully I have a very understanding husband who puts up with my frequent need to change everything.  We're in the process of moving our bedroom back upstairs and have been taking it slowly this time.  We bought a new bed and aren't planning on moving our old one up so we have to wait till it comes before we can actually get everything up.

I've posted a couple of things about my inability to leave things alone.  I can't just follow a pattern, I have to embellish it or change the sleeve or the skirt.  I can't buy a piece of furniture (especially when it's a used one) and not paint it.  I know, I have issues.

We have a couple of dressers we bought back when our oldest was a baby.  They have metal drawer rollers and were cheap...exactly what we needed then.  They've served us well all these years but were definitely showing their age...and not in a dignified sort of way!

See they're made of pressed board with wood grain paper over it.  Not exactly high quality.  I hate fake wood so I painted them (of course).  I don't have a before pic but lets just say this poor dresser was a sad, sad sight.  It was a pale blue with gold handles...oh except for one drawer that was a strange beige color.  Don't ask, I don't know how that happened.  Anyway, after a coat of Bulls Eye Primer (seriously, this stuff is amazing!  You can paint ANYTHING with it), three coats of some blue oops paint I picked up somewhere, and some spray paint, this is what I ended up with:

Is is just me or do you see the little troll face on the handles too?  I never noticed that when they were gold.  This dresser (and the lighter blue one next to it) are in the bathroom so it's a little weird having those faces watch you...

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