Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Title Woes

So, I've been working on a new book.  It's an idea I've had since I first started Army of Sorrow.  I've kicked it around (and around and around...) for a while and I think I've finally worked out the major plot points.

I'm at a loss for a title however.  That seems to be my downfall.  It took me months of agonizing to come up with Army of Sorrow, Sea of Despair, and Isle of Darkness.  Donegal Sidhe was added with the help of my editor.  This one though....well, I just have no idea!  Right now I call it my "currently untitled project."  Catchy, huh?

Can't you just see yourself picking up that title?  Actually I might but I would be expecting some kind of quirky comedy or something.  I'll keep you posted and perhaps I'll be blessed to come up with more than one title and have to ask you your opinion! (doubtfult, but a girl can dream!)

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