Saturday, March 2, 2013

Meet Brea O'Brien

So I've decided to start posting more about my characters one by one here.  I will eventually compile them into one place.

Name: Brea O’Brien
Residence: Small borough outside of Donegal, Ireland
Date & Place of Birth: Ireland, March 17, 1503
Physical Description: 4’10” (human glamour), 10" (natural size), petite, long straight copper hair, green eyes, pixie face
Ethnic Origin: Leprechaun (trian)
Parents' Names & Occupations: Maeve and Liam O’Brien (mechanical and weather ability)
Other Family Members: Una Murdaugh and Orin O’Brien (healing and communication ability)
Friends: Orla (sprite), Caith Hennesy (vet assistant and faerie of unknown origin)
  Brea's family has a high social status due to her father's actions in St. Patrick's Battle.  She herself though is looked down on by leprechaun society.  She feels much more at home with other races, particularly humans and spends a lot of her time in her human glamour.  She has a love for modern conveniences such as running water and junk food.
  She is well educated, despite her lack of magic as she has to do everything the hard way.  One of her favorite escapes is to read novels.

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