Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Meet Caith Hennesy

Name: Caith Hennesy

Residence: Donegal, Ireland

Date & Place of Birth: Unknown, May 1, 1992

Physical Description: 6’4”, med blonde hair, dark brown eyes

Ethnic Origin: thought to be human, but now unknown

Parents' Names & Occupations: adopted parents, Amanda and James Hennesy, run a small bed and breakfast in town

Other Family Members: none

Friends: Brea O'Brien, Orla

  Caith lives a normal, slightly dull, life in Donegal until the day he meets Brea.  He soon learns he is not who he thought he was.  He loves the outdoors and anything musical.  He also works in veterinary clinic.
  His one ambition is to find out who or at least what his birth parents were.

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