Monday, March 18, 2013

Meet Orla

Name: Orla

Residence: Donegal, Ireland

Date & Place of Birth: April 1180 AD (give or take), Ireland

Physical Description: approx. 8 inches, long golden blonde curls, periwinkle eyes

Ethnic Origin: Sprite

Sprites are charged with the changing of seasons.  As such, they are typically busy and tend to keep to themselves.  They tend to live along, only meeting with each other a couple of times a year.  Mates stay togther though, but children leave once old enough to live on their own.  

Orla met Brea when Brea was still very young and have been friends since.  Orla felt an overwhelming need to protect this strange leprechaun that had no magic.   She adores Brea and tries to talk her out of her craziest schemes, though she doesn't always succeed.  She is a bit jealous of Caith when Brea befriends him.

Orla felt oddly violated when she learned Caith could see her all the time.  Gradually she grew used to it and now enjoys having another close friend.

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