Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Road Trip!

So this weekend I'm headed off to Utah with my friend Amanda (you know, the one I do Novel Nibblers with).  We signed up for the LDStorymakers Conference.

We both have pitch sessions and will be taking LOTS of classes.  I'm pretty excited!

Also this week is my kids' schools Reading Week.  Yesterday was Crazy Hat Day and today is Crazy Hair Day.  My kiddos live for Crazy Hair Day!  I got up an entire half hour early (do I love these kids or what?!) just to do their hair for the day.  This always involves massive amounts of hair spray and color spray.  Here are this year's creations!

Photo: Crazy hair day at school!

The color doesn't translate real well on here but they are all crazy colors and have rainbow glitter!  Even my oldest (who I swear is not upset by the fact his hair is hot pink...he picked it!)

Tomorrow is Pajama Day.  I will be doing the fifth and sixth grade Career Fair tomorrow as well...debating if I could get away with showing up in my pj's.  After all, I do work in them fairly frequently! :)

On top of all this....I'm doing the last bookfair of the year at the school!  ACK!  I'm not sure if I could get any busier this week.  I probably shouldn't have said that.  Now I'll find out something huge is happening tomorrow or something.  May is always insane!

Actually there is one more thing going on this week!  On Friday I will become a featured Wattpad Author!  However, I had to do all the legwork for that a while ago so at least it isn't more work now!

Happy May everyone!

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