Wednesday, August 27, 2014

10 Things I Love

Alright, taking a leaf out of my friend Sheree's book and in an effort to put myself out there more I am listing 10 things I absolutely love.

#1 Dressing Up
Makeup, hair, nice clothes, shoes, the whole shebang!  Especially anything with a vintage vibe.  I cut my hair off last year and now I miss having it because I can't do all my cool hairstyles.  I also adore dressing up in costume and Halloween is the best!!

#2 Fangirling
I'm not sure that's a real word but it's what I do.  I love to get sucked into another world so completely I have a hard time accepting it's not real.  A few examples: Harry Potter, Sherlock, Marvel, Doctor Who, Once Upon a Time.  Those are my big ones.  I'm not opposed to dressing like characters (as evidenced by my Captain America and Tardis Cardigans as well as by the fact that we used to host annual HP parties where everyone came in costume...and the kids were not invited!).

#3 Chapstick
Okay this maybe more like an addiction rather than a love but either way I cannot leave my house without it...or lip gloss that will work too.  Burt's Bees original is my favorite but I also like the mint eos.  In high school my signature was strawberry kiwi comet by LipSmackers.  Sadly they don't made it anymore....

#4 Bread
I'm talking the crunchy, crackly on the outside, super soft on the inside kind of baguette preferably with drowning in butter.  Yum....Ratatouille bread my kids call it.  If you have to ask, you clearly haven't been forced to watch that movie a thousand times.  The sad thing is that I can no longer have gluten.  *sob*  Do you know how hard that is for a bread/pasta addict like me?  I'm still on the hunt for a good gluten free recipe I can make that tastes similar.

#5 Eating Out
I love to, not so much.  Well, it's more the cleanup than the actual cooking.  Either way, eating out takes care of both!  I would eat out every meal all the time if my bank account would let me.

#6 Dancing
I've taken less than a total of one year of dance lessons in my life (ballroom and clogging. I was actually really good!).  However, that doesn't stop me from busting a move anytime I hear a good tune.  Just Dance is my all time favorite Wii game and we regularly do it for girls' night out because I'm not the only thwarted dancer around here!  I would have totally joined the dance squad in high school, but alas I went to an academics only school.  All we had were intramural sports and a chess team.

#7 Watching TV
I have a confession...I'm addicted to TV.  It drives my husband nuts.  I used to turn it on and not even watch it, just to have the "company" in the house.  My favorite shows and movies I can watch over and over.  Now that I write more seriously it has cut into my TV time....guess that isn't all bad.  :)

#8 Thrift Store Shopping
Yard sale-ing goes along with this one.  I don't know if it's the thrill of the hunt or just the fact that I LOVE to get a good bargain.  You can also find me in the clearance section of our local JCP.  In all honesty I love any kind of shopping.

#9 Loud Music
Yeah I know it's not good for me but I adore cranking the music up in the car or house (particularly when I have to clean).  Don't worry, I'm careful when the kids are around.  No point in damaging their hearing anymore than necessary.

#10  Freshly Sharpened Pencils
I love pencils.  I love to write and draw with them (plain and colored!).  I'm obsessive about keeping them sharp but I find it soothing to sharpen pencils.  I know.  I'm weird.  I would never write in pen if I didn't have to. I freaks me out if I write something in pen because I can't just erase and change it.  I read somewhere that was a sign of commitment issues....

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