Thursday, August 14, 2014

Just An Update

Hi all!  I don't have any earth shattering news today (other than the fact that school is finally starting and my oldest headed off to middle school today. *sob* seriously this is worse than when he went to kindergarten for me!).  I just wanted to give an general update of where I am on various projects.

So Donegal Sidhe...well I'm revamping Army of Sorrow (two new chapters added and the first and last ones rewritten).  I've finished Sea of Despair and am nearly a quarter of the way through Isle of Darkness.  It's hard to write over the summer!

Dream Walkers (which I'm totally trying to find a new title for) is kind of in limbo unfortunately.  Obscures is done and I've had amazing feedback on it.  Apparently the whole dream thing is overdone and the title sucks (I can't say that surprised me...I knew the title was lame).  My agent and I are figuring out the options for this series.

Curiosity Killed the Crow is being read by beta readers from my agent and thus far is getting positive feedback.  So yay for that!  It is still available to read on Wattpad too.

And because I'm not happy unless I completely overwhelm myself with projects, I'm working on an entirely new one too, but only have about one chapter done.  I'll let you know more as it takes shape.  

Well, thanks for checking in!!  I hope to have more news soon.  :)

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