Monday, September 15, 2014

Top 10 Movies

Hello all!  I have been extremely busy lately.  Between promoting my new book coming out and being in charge of book fair again, I feel like I'm running in circles.  Not to mention the three books I'm working on!  I know, I know...I can't ever do anything the simple way.  Oh, did you notice that Halloween is coming?!  That means costumes for the whole family.  This year we have decided to go themed...wait for it....wait...drum roll please....Doctor Who!!  Even the kiddos!  I will be sure to post pics of us all.

As I stated in my things I love post, I love a good movie...or tv show!  There are a few that I could rewatch a thousand times...okay, maybe not quite that much but a lot before I got sick of it.  So without further ado, I present my top 10 movies (and tv shows) in no particular order.

1. Star Wars

Preferably the original three.  When I was a teenager I used to go to sleep to Return of the Jedi every night.  I love me some Luke Skywalker!

2. Stardust  

If you haven't seen this movie, stop reading and go watch it!  The scene with Robert de Niro in a corset is well worth your time!

3. The Avengers  

Need I say more?  (This also includes any movie in this franchise!)

4. Narnia  

I love this series so much.  The books, the movies, the audio books.  I even went to an exhibit for it in Kansas City.

5.The Lord of the Rings  

This includes The Hobbit.  So good.  There is nothing I dislike about this movie...except for Faramir.  He is so much cooler in the book...just sayin'.

6. Doctor Who  

This is a more recent acquisition to my favorites.  We watched all of the new seasons this summer as a family and we are obsessed!!

7. Murder She Wrote  

Who doesn't love Angela Lansbury?  I have seen every single episode of this show at least twice and that is a lot of episodes.  My kids even love to watch it.  I was raised on a steady diet of murder shows (Father Dowling, Diagnosis Murder, Columbo, etc).  This might explain my love for newer shows like Pysch, Bones, and Castle.

8. Beauty and the Beast  

Really any good Disney musical (ever seen The Newsies?).  I own an embarrassing amount of Disney music and nothing makes me happier than to sing along.  Beauty and the Beast holds a special place in my heart though.  I watched the video twice a day for months (until my mother banned me from it) when I was about 9.

9. Moulin Rouge/Phantom of the Opera

I know...I sneaked two in there but can you blame me? Again with the musicals.  Can you tell I like a good show tune?  I dream of getting to see a real show Broadway show someday!  What else do you need?  Maybe a little Hairspray...or Money, Money, Money.  :)

10. Miracle  

Little known fact about me...I hate sports.  I don't like watching them, I don't like playing them.  Got a feel good, inspirational sports movie?  I'm there!  Go figure!  I LOVE this movie (and ice hockey is the only sport I enjoy watching...I turn into a crazy person, just ask my husband!).  I also adore Cool Runnings and Remember the get the picture!

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