Wednesday, January 7, 2015

New Year Lists

I know I'm a couple (okay six) days late, but Happy New Year!  With the new year upon us, everyone is making resolutions.  I have opted not to do the traditional one this time around...not that I don't want to lose 20 lbs and get more organized.  :)

I am going to make a master to-do list (what can I say?  I'm a list maker!).  It's less intimidating and more concrete for me...don't get all technical and tell me that it's really the same thing, you'll ruin the reverse psychology I'm very cleverly trying to use on myself.  Resolutions sometimes feel more like wishes to me than realistic goals....

To-Do List 2015

  • Fnish my Donegal Sidhe series and publish at least book 2
  • Finish my Dream Walker series
  • Attend at least two cons this year
  • Blog more consistently
On those notes I'm starting to do the last one right now.  :)  I really need to improve my social media skills....and possibly my people skills as well.  Maybe I better add that to my list.  Also, I'm doing half of the third one this weekend.

That's right.  I am going to Albuquerque Comic Con this weekend!

I wish we had had a bit more notice.  We had big plans for costumes but unfortunately they were a bit too ambitious to do over Christmas break.  We had to tone them down but we're still super excited!  We're hoping to get into another one later in the year.  That way we can still do our over the top ones!  I will be sure to post lots of pictures!

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